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Our Team

In recent months the building of Accessory Dwelling Units and custom home industry has changed, both in the needs of homeowners and the styles they want to bring to life. An emphasis on affordability, engineering and technology has made homes even more customizable – everything from energy efficiency, security and specialized in senior home living, we are constantly evolving along with this industry.  This is just one more step in the evolution of ADU Custom home building.

Stuart Mark – “The idea of property and real estate has always excited me, property has so many fascinating attributes”. I was born in Michigan State & grew up in Norwalk, CA. California Gold runs through my veins. California is my home!


I have been a licensed general contractor, broker, real estate investor and property manager since 1976. I have experience in buying, selling, rebuilding, and constructing residential and commercial property.  


I have a background as an agent, an employing broker, investor, property manager, lender and general contractor. My passion to help people is my driving force to succeed and help others succeed.  


ADUs to me is the answer to the housing shortage and affordability we are currently experiencing in California and throughout our nation. Together we can create the best scenario to help you with your real estate endeavors. I take great pride in my work . It is important to me and my associates that our clients trust and rely on our commitment to reach the end result, satisfaction! We at ADUCustomHomes.com understand that real estate is one of the most significant investments that a person will make. Let’s team together to reach your real construction goals and get bottom line results. 714-381-3033

Sandra Verdugo – is executive forewoman and a backbone to our success.  As a realtor, her 20 yrs of industry experience focuses on quality control, customer satisfaction and bottom line results!  She will make it happen.  Sandra is highly knowledgeable in real estate, property management and construction.   

I have over 20 years in residential real estate sales, commercial sales, property management and construction has benefited those I have come in contact with. I present communication skills, good business sense and a compassion for humanity.  I remain committed to continued growth in obtaining up to date knowledge and experience useful in today’s challenging real estate, financial and construction environment.  My experience in working with a major home developer, experience in the lending industry and the desire to gain knowledge in today’s  real estate sector, has brought me to align myself with ADUCustomHomes.com, where I continue to sharpen my skills and utilize their outstanding resources in construction and in working with state and city codes on planning building guidelines to better serve our clients. Being a “S.R.E.S Certified Designee, Seniors Real Estate Specialist”, has positioned me to obtain the expertise and knowledge to not only help myself as a senior and baby-boomer,  in dealing with aging parents, but also help others and their families like myself navigate through a life changing time for all involved. This is where the ADUs come into play when it comes to offering my clients options.  I offer knowledge, strong work ethics, experience and determination to accomplish the task at hand.  These  are the strengths I am most proud of in gaining desired bottom-line results.   Let’s talk! 626-826-4199

Please meet one of our knowledgeable, experienced innovative Designer and Architect.  Ali Olfati with Olfati Design Group, 5199 CA-1 #214, Long Beach, CA 90804.

562-986-4313.  For over 35 years Ali and his group of professional designers, engineers and architects have been meeting the needs of their clients and associates! With their professional and caring approach, they have succeeded in providing innovative solutions to satisfy our most valued clients!  Thank you Ali Olfati!  More pictures to come!