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ADUCustomHomes.com serving Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, plus most of California.  ADUCustomHomes.com is a California based company, bonded and insured construction company and have been licensed for over 35 yrs,   Lic: 1062638 We specialize in building Accessory Dwelling Units, 2nd or 3rd units, garage conversions and any additions on your property. 

We understand accessory dwelling units and how they meet the goals and objectives for the property owner whether owner or non-owner occupied.

Knowledge is power – we possess the training, experience, design, legal and technical abilities to properly guide our clients from A – Z to make the proper choice at the best most economical price including obtaining financing for your project.

Construction is only part of the process.  Many considerations must be examined to get to the ‘end zone’ ‘ bottom line’ results.  Overall we take great pride in honesty, work ethic and integrity.  There is a commitment to each dwelling unit project.  There is no ‘completion; until full client satisfaction is achieved.  ADUCustomHomes.com, here at your service!